Two More Days
My Silver Lining


Birkenstocks, those wacky comfortable sandals, have been in my life forever.  They await me at the door whenever I come home.  I have no idea how many pairs I have purchased over the years.

On my closet shelves sit twenty shoe boxes filled with shoes I haven’t worn since the pandemic started. I wear my walking shoes or my “clogs” when I go out, my Birkies at home.

One day last week, I found myself in my car on the way to the grocery store wearing my Birkenstocks.  I rejected the idea of returning home and decided no one would notice that I forgot to put on my outside shoes.

In the grocery store, I was spending a long time in the birthday card aisle, and a woman seemed to be Covid-annoyed at my lingering.  She spoke to me. 

“Where did you get your shoes?” she asked.  “I can’t find them anywhere!”



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LOVE Birkies! I worked in the operating room for 39 years and they Birkie clog was my go-to shoe. Even after 16 hours, no achy feet. I have 2 sandals for summer and I have an inside pair as well. I'm a quilter and some days I will stand and quilt for 4-8 hours. Nothing better for healthy happy feet than a good pair of Birkies :-)

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