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Update on a Venture

Six months ago, introduced Live Campus Tours, an exciting new venture that the next two generations of Kugels had launched. Their new organization makes it possible for high school students thinking about which colleges to apply to, to “visit” the campuses they are considering without incurring the costs of having to go there. 

LiveCampusTours is now giving one-on-one tours on 177 campuses nationwide via Zoom. These are not like the canned virtual tours that the universities offer, but a chance to get all your questions answered about life on campus without it being filtered by the admissions office. If you want to see what it looks like, here's a condensed version of one of the tours.

You can reserve tours at for $39, or if you'd like to buy a tour gift card for your grandchild or child or godson or next door neighbor, you can just write to Seth at and he promised me he'll tell you how you can do it. 

Please tell him that his mother sent you.


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SUCH a great idea! Wish this had been available for my daughter 20 years ago. Even when you visit in person, you don't really get the insider view like this.

Hope you're doing okay there at home on your own, and also hope Peter is improving and will be home soon.

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