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Soccer Grandmother

Both of our sons played soccer in high school.  Both of them were goalies.  It is true that the hardest position on the field is “mother of the goalie”.

Both of our grandsons play soccer.  Both are goalies.  We go to their games when we visit Maryland.  In those games, “grandmother of the goalie” is the second hardest position on the field.

Leo, our older grandson just went to a soccer event in Florida—some college coaches were there, and he got to play a lot with some excellent kids from all over.  He’s hoping to play soccer in college.

I saw a video from that weekend that focused on Leo’s playing.  His  performance was impressive.  More impressive, while we haven’t seen him during this pandemic, he seems to have become an adult.

 I watched that video on my phone.  It brought tears to my eyes.


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Until he grew to 6’6” and chose basketball as his favorite, my grandson also was the soccer goalie. I can understand how you feel. I asked him once why he liked that position. He replied that he loved the adrenalin rush when the ball came his way. Boys are different creatures!


Our grandchildren have also "shot up" during the pandemic. We FaceTime with them weekly and our granddaughter checks in with us almost daily when she finishes virtual school and goes outside for some fresh air. She takes us along on her crazy adventures. Like you, it brings tears to my eyes to see these two growing up and becoming their own people. Thank God for technology that let's us come along.

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