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Newsletter Creep

The other day I realized that it is taking me a lot longer to get through my email.  I wondered if I might have over-subscribed. 

For years, I have had an online subscription to The Boston Globe. More recently, I signed up for “The Morning,” a daily look at the news that “matters” from The New York Times.  Then, I got tired of not being able to read more than a few lines of interesting-looking stories from The Washington Post.  That paper had begged me to subscribe, and I finally coughed up the $29 for the one-year special that brings in five-ten emails daily. Finally, I had been seeing interesting snippets quoting Boston College professor Heather Cox Richardson on Facebook for so long that I subscribed to her daily newsletter too.

Is newsletter creep a pandemic thing or will it be with me forever?

We’ll see.   


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Ellen Hoffmann

Isn’t she great? You’ve still got The Guardian to add.

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