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Leaving the Fifties

Twenty years ago, Peter and I went to Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico for a week of healthy eating, challenging exercise and new friends. A moderately priced spa, the “ranch” offered a discount to guests who would teach something.

I proposed a program called “Leaving the Fifties”.  Having left my fifties, I considered myself an “authority”.  I also planned to publish something on that subject and had conducted an informal (my friends and their friends) survey of women in that age cohort.  

Since I expected some younger attendees, I had some advice for those entering their fifties also.  If I were giving that advice today for people turning eighty, it wouldn’t change much. 

                            Accept the person you are.

                            Feel your unique identity.

                            Nourish your emotional self. 

                            Stay fit.

                           Have multi-generational friends.

Remember that "if you do what you want, at least one person will be happy".

*Many thanks to everyone for their good wishes for Peter's recovery!




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