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If This Week Were a Fish...

On Monday, Peter fell and broke his hip. On Tuesday, he had surgery.  Although he will be okay, his hospitalization and the search for rehab were not easy.  In addition,  I am not allowed to visit him.

Also, on Monday our son Seth tested positive for Covid19. So far, he is doing all right, quarantining at home.

There were also some good moments this week.  I am auditing a twice-weekly class called “Guns in the U.S.--A Love story”.  Our outstanding teacher is an historian, who starts every class with some country music, usually with a gun theme.  I also heard a wonderful talk by Moshe Safdie, the world-famous architect who in his eighties is still masterminding innovative projects around the world.

Still, if this week were a fish, I’d throw it back.


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Linda McMahan

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care.


That would be a lot in "normal" times, never mind now. Sending you all hugs and positive thoughts from San Diego.


Judy, I send my strongest get well wishes to Peter and Seth and to support you.


So sorry to hear about this! My husband (80s) with PD broke his hip in late October 2019, had surgery, rehab., etc. He was already using a rollator, but there's no question that the whole process set him back. At least this was pre-Covid so I was able to be with him a lot at the rehab place, and then he got OT and PT at home. I can't imagine what you must be going through, and wish you all well.

Paul Albert

My thoughts are with you and Peter during this difficult time, Judy. I hope that you can find support from your readers as I have found support from your writings.

Dee Cochran

Oh dear ... I am so sorry . Prayers for a solid recovery !

Maureen Helen

Some weeks are like that, Judy, and so hard for you and Peter and Seth. Warm wishes for a speedy recovery to Peter and Seth. Stay strong and safe.

Juliet Batten

Oh what a tough time for you. When family are in need, we naturally want to be close to them. Those separations must be hard. I hope you catch a better fish soon.

Lots of love from New Zealand!

Iris Smale

Oh, I'm so sorry your had such a rough week. Sometimes it seems like it comes all at once. I will be praying for Peter and your son (and for you).
Grace & Peace, Iris


Sorry to hear about Peter and Seth. It sounds like a miserable week. I hope you’ve been able to find rehab for Peter, not an easy task. And I presume you are alone now. Please take care, my thoughts are with you.

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