Leaving the Fifties
Update on a Venture


For our entire marriage, I have slept on the left side of our bed. In all the places we have lived, the left side of the bed was closer to the bathroom, but I don’t think that explains it.

Peter used to help me change the sheets every week, but now that he is unsteady on his feet, I do it myself. However, since he has been in the hospital and rehab with a broken hip for two weeks now, his side of the bed has been empty.

It occurred to me that if I slept on my side for a week and then slept on his side for a week, I could change the sheets less often.  I decided to experiment.  I climbed into his side the other night, noting the different view of our dresser and closet.

In the morning, I expected to find myself back on my own side.  But my side looked completely untouched. Now, I’ve slept on his side of the bed for three nights.

In these pandemic days, it doesn’t take much to boost your spirits. Just having to do one less load of laundry every two weeks for a while is nothing to sneeze at.


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