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Another Birthday

This week The 80-Something Blog is thirteen years old.  If the blog were our child, it would be a teenager!  This is its 1356th post since its birth in 2008 as The 70-Something Blog.  My seventieth birthday was a month away then, and I thought that writing about being a septuagenarian would help me process my transition from “almost old” to old.

People often ask me how I decide what to write about.  Do I have a list of topics?  No.  Do I worry that I might run out of ideas? No, at least not yet.  Often, I have something on my mind that I want to share with my readers, but not always.  All I know is that writing helps me process what’s happening in my life. 

To those who have been with me since the beginning, my thanks.  To those who might just be joining us, welcome. Next year at this time I will probably be telling you that I have just written my 1460th post.  I hope you’ll stay with me.


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Anne Brew

Definitely planning on staying.
I started to read your twice weekly posts years ago and stayed because for one thing you are exactly the same age as my sister-in-law.
Keep it up!


Thank you for your blog, all the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’m 30 and I was really curious to know what it’s like to get older, so I found your blog on Google. I love reading all your entries! I wish you a peaceful and safe 2020, and thank you for your writing. -Seane


I look forward to reading your stories, you bring much wisdom and insights to aging. There are so many negative stereotypes of women our age and your experiences validate me as a person, not as an old lady.
Thank you, I’ll be here with you.


Thanks, Judy, for 13 years! Keep writing for us, your quiet followers. You add something for us to think about with every post.

Audrey Mitchell

Judy, I've been reading your blog almost since the beginning. I read an article about it in the New York Times and thought it would be interesting since I as approaching my 70th. I was right and I have read every blog since then. I have even told friends about it.. Thanks for sharing your life adventures and reminding us how much alike we all are. Congratulations and Happy Birthday 70/80 Something Blog.


I just found you with a search for over age 80. Do you find that younger folks will often just offer comments about their "elderly" loved ones as though we will be interested in hearing about them?

Paul Albert

Happy Birthday Judy. I wish you a good year ahead. And thank you for your virtual presence in my life. It has been so helpful to compare our aging processes (me being just slightly junior at 81).

Maureen Helen

Happy birthday, Judy. I'm a relative newcomer to your blog from Australia, a few months older than you. I also blog regularly.

I look forward to reading about your adventures.

darby callahan

I just found your blog as I searched for bloggers over 80. I myself will turn 80 in May. If I had any tech skills at all I might start one myself. I am divorced, female, with two grown kids and two adolescent grandchildren. I am happy to meet you on line and will continue to tune in.

Oh, and happy birthday!

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