Semester's End

What's First?

It’s now OK to believe that 2021 will bring some relief from Covid-19. As first vaccines are making their way to our front-line healthcare workers, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what I plan to do when it is safe:

First, I will be grateful that my family is alright since an unfathomable number of people were not so lucky. After that, I will

  1. Hug my friends
  2. Eat inside a restaurant
  3. Cook for someone besides Peter
  4. Fly to Maryland to see our kids and grand-kids
  5. Stop buying everything from Amazon
  6. Go to plays, movies and concerts
  7. Resume pre-pandemic life to the fullest extent possible

What will you do first?


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Dee Cochran

Necessity : Dental appt and other medical appts

After that : restaurant food !
Visit a greenhouse I hope ...

Our area is in a hot mess . Thankful to God my niece who is a RT in CCU got her first vaccine injection today . Well... actually yesterday when I realize it’s after midnight now.


Great list! I will be happy to not set my alarm clock to be able to grocery shop during the very, very early senior hours.

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