Falling, Part II

Jade Plants



In the background of a family picture (above), taken around forty years ago, there is a huge jade plant.  Approximately twenty years and one home later, it perished of an undiagnosed disease.

In a photo below is our current jade plant, and it is its story that I want to tell. 


I have a close friend who is a wonderful potter.  When we moved to Washington, DC in 2017, she wanted a souvenir of me, and asked for the one and only piece of pottery I ever made, a small, misshaped pot, circa 1972. 

Ten months later, we moved back to Cambridge. My potter friend came by to see our new place.  After she left, I noticed that she had returned the small pot she had taken when we moved.  In it was a tiny jade plant cutting with only five leaves.  It has thrived since it’s been "home". 

And so have we.


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Audrey Mitchell

Thats a great story. I love stories like that...survival. I have snake plant (aka Mother-in-laws tongue) that has grown from a cutting from my mother's plant. Had her plant survived, it would be over 80 years old. My plant is thriving today and i consider it to be over 80 years old since it came from my mother's plant.
Thanks for sharing.

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