Semester's End

Good Morning

It is our custom that Peter says a few end-of-the-year words on 80-something.  Here he is…

Seasons Greetings to all.


When I woke up the other day it was still dark. I checked on Judy’s side of the bed.  And when I saw that she was still sleeping, I went downstairs to open the living room blinds. The streetlights were bright.   The traffic lights were working.

That meant that, all through the night, the generators had been generating.  The transformers had been transforming.  The batteries had been battering, or doing whatever it is that batteries do.

Which meant that there would be electricity around to make my breakfast coffee.  Toast my bagel.  Power my smartphone.  To operate my computer and allow me to write this piece.

The buses were running.   The food was being delivered to the grocery stores.

Things may be bad.  (The Economist is late this week!)   There are lots of things we’re going to have to fix when this catastrophe is over. But there are lots of good things going on that most of us don’t appreciate.    They may not seem like much, but think of what life is like in places were those things aren’t happening.

There are lots of things we’re going to have to fix when this catastrophe is over.

But not everything


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Thank you for the reminder that many of us have many reasons to be thankful. My library isn’t open but I can pick up ‘hold books’ out front. Some of my favorite restaurants have delicious meals for take out. My cat is overjoyed that I’m home all day. And thank you Netflix and others for some excellent moves and shows.


Thank you for this post. I make it a point to feel gratitude for the things we tend to take for granted: I have a roof over my head, I have food, clean water comes out of the tap, the garbage will be picked up on Tuesday.

And I'm sure you've remembered by now, but The Economist takes a week off after the double issue delivered just before Christmas. :)

Happy New Year to you and yours,
Susan in Berlin

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