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Falling, Part II

On November 1st, the subject of my blog post was how to avoid falling. On November 12th, Peter fell.  I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of a crash coming from our study. He said he was fine.  He had just fallen over. He had not hit his head.

But two days later, he was in the hospital with a diagnosis of four broken ribs and internal bleeding that required a blood transfusion and an eight-day stay.

He’s much better now, to our great relief.

Once more, we have dodged a bullet.  Now, with a blizzard in our weather forecast, a pandemic in our country, and an uncertain future, I am glad I have him here with me to dodge more.


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Maureen Helen

Poor Peter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Look after yourself, Judy. Stay safe and warm.


So glad you both dodged another bullet, AKA fall. I so enjoy reading your blogs, and feel as though we are living in a parallel universe separated by a few years in age and a few miles. Like you and Peter, my husband and I retired from lives in academia; like Peter, my husband has Parkinsons and had a fall last year that led to a rehab stay (broken hip); and like you folks, we moved to be closer to family, though it was a shorter move within the same state in New England and we've stayed put and not moved back.

You feel like an old friend


Sorry to hear about Peter, glad he spent time recovering in the hospital. How are you? Is he able to get around? Please continue to update us.
Take care.


"I am glad I have him here with me to dodge more."

In our household that's called "what would be the fun in doing that without you?"

A good marriage, such a gift.

Susan in Berlin

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