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The Sounds of Silence

At 5:00 on a recent Wednesday morning, I was awakened by a knock on our apartment door.  When I got out of bed, the rug underfoot was soaking wet. It seems that a heating pipe somewhere in our condo building had broken, and water was seeping through the walls and floors of about five apartments, including ours.

The building brought in an army of five huge industrial fans to run 24/7 to dry the walls and carpet in our bedroom and upstairs hall. The noise was deafening. They told us it would take two to three nights.  It took ten. For ten nights we slept in our study on a sofa bed. 

We have been happily back in our bedroom for two nights now.  The walls and carpet have dried, although the carpet will have to be cleaned.

Most important, you can hear a pin drop.


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