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The Man I Love

I seldom write about my amazing husband.  Ageing has its challenges, and for him, it’s Parkinson’s Disease, a cruel, incurable disease that he’s been living with for fourteen years.  His mobility is greatly compromised.  A former marathon runner, he now struggles to walk a mile with his rollator. 

It’s easy to spot Peter when he is out walking – stooped, walking tiny quick steps, behind his fire-engine-red rollator (named Clem because it’s too hard to say rollator).

The other day I was walking toward Harvard Square with a friend when we spotted Peter walking toward us behind Clem, clutching a bouquet of daisies.  It seems that he caught me in a moment of feeling unappreciated (caregiving can be hard) and he knows how daisies cheer me up.  My friend was amazed.  It was a Hallmark moment.

A week later, I woke to the unmistakable cinnamon smell of a coffee cake in the oven.  (Gluten-free of course.)  Yes, the kitchen was a mess from his unsteady hands, but the cake was delicious.


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I love your blog...your thoughts...your insights. You convey such feeling with so few words. I wish I lived 3000 miles closer so we could sit and chat!

Lynn McClain

I enjoy your blog so much. Kudos to your husband for being so thoughtful and still "trying" with a devastating disease. I'm 76 and my husband died nearly four years ago of metastatic prostrate cancer. During his last six months we would go to the mall together for exercise and it was a struggle for him even using a walker. He'd take breaks and sit on bench and always tell me, "Go buy yourself something you want, sweetie." I still cry for him every day. The little moments in life are so special. You're lucky to still have each other.


Hello... I found your blog through your son Seth... I'm a english learner and this space will be amazing to me.... I loved your way to write... Thanks for this amazing job!


So beautiful!!! Seth just posted a link on the Instagram stories and luckily i clicked and could read your amazing post. Best wishes for you and Peter!

Deise Gomes

Soo sweet! Love is the most important thing in our lives...
Kisses from Brazil

Anna Guerino

Life is so much better when we have love and support ❤️❤️❤️ Ps: love your blog. XO

Maureen Helen

Beautiful, Judy. Thank you for sharing these precious times.

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