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Our Annual Thanksgiving Day Photo

The Conference Room

During the pandemic, the social life of our condo building has taken place primarily in its lovely garden where even on the hottest days, there is a cooling breeze from the Charles River, and there are plenty of shady places to sit.  “Going out to dinner” consists of ordering pizza and eating it in the garden with friends.

Alas, with the shorter and cooler days of Autumn, the garden is no longer an option.  Our building lacks a common room, and at most only two people are allowed in the laundry room at the same time.

However, there is a waiting area in front of the elevators on every floor, each with a nice long bench on which folks can sit. We now refer to those locations as the “Conference Rooms”.  Two or three residents can socially distance there and also get a chance to say “hi” to other neighbors as they come and go to the elevators.

We’re thinking of serving tea.  


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