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Our Annual Thanksgiving Day Photo

Thanksgiving 2020 copy

My expectations for Thanksgiving 2020 were pretty low.  I couldn’t imagine my favorite holiday without the usual attendees, our traditional menu, our grateful-jar reading and our annual family Thanksgiving-Day-  picture.

But we managed.  We coordinated eating times with our Maryland family.  Seth quarantined, got a negative Covid test and drove to Cambridge from New York, having never missed a Thanksgiving with his parents. 

Here in Cambridge, I made all of our Thanksgiving favorites and some new things. (The roasted brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds and walnuts were a big hit).

Sitting around two dining room tables 471 miles apart, we shared what we were grateful for with our Maryland family virtually, and thanks to the computer skills of the next generations, we got our annual Thanksgiving-day picture.

P.S. Thinking of a holiday gift for someone in or hovering around their seventies? 70-Something: Life, Love, and Limits in the Bonus Years is available here.


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Maureen Helen

Lovely that your Thanksgiving celebrations were so good, Judy. How inventive of all of you. Great that Seth could visit. Clever photo, too.

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