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Changing Minds

My husband Peter has often said that he did not want to live a day past the time when he could no longer grapple with the issues he cares about, and he becomes a burden to society and his family.  He hoped that he could make it to ninety before that happened.  After that…

“That” is now.  Peter turned ninety last March.  Luckily, he is still able to do most of the things that matter most to him.  And I don’t hear any more talk of “packing it in” at ninety.

I mentioned that to one of my doctors  during an appointment on Friday.  She told me that her mother always said she’d not be treated when she aged –not even an aspirin, let alone a hospitalization for a serious illness. Her mother, now 101, seems to have changed her mind.  She now wants to be resuscitated, if it might save her life.

Another example of not “knowing” what it’s like to be old until you are.


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Kaneisha Grayson

Wow, it's amazing that Peter has turned 90 years old. Thank you for sharing the joys and challenges of growing older. I hope to live and be capable to such an age, and to have my life partner by my side. What a life!

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