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Whatever Happened to ...?

Years ago, my favorite cookies were Keebler’s Dutch Apple. They came in a fold-over white bag with red stripes.  They were about the size of a quarter, probably two bites each.  They were addictive. 

Here’s a quote Google found for me from someone who shared my affection for them:

         “I'm craving a cookie, Not just any cookie, but a "Dutch Apple Cookie?" I think they were made by Keebler and I haven't seen them anywhere, since high school. They are amazing; the taste of apple, rolled in cinnamon, and more sugar than any adult needs.”

It’s not uncommon for us to find things we like disappearing.  The latest loss for me has been the gluten-free almond scones made by Whole Foods.  They were my go-to breakfast treat.  I reluctantly accepted the cranberry-orange version as a substitute.  Now, they too are gone.

As long as Trader Joe’s doesn’t discontinue coffee ice cream, life will be worth living.


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Judy, your blog today brought a smile to my mask-covered lips. It was the Lemon Coolers cookies that I adored and I think they were made by Keebler, too. Yes, it is sad that so many of our old favorite everythings are no longer available. So glad you still have your favorite ice cream!


Oh no! I didn’t know that the GF almond scones were gone from Whole Foods. I would also buy them occasionally as a treat. Usually I make my own scones, but it was so nice to not have to make from scratch. Glutino “oreos” and Walkers GF shortbread cookies are also now difficult to find. What to do? We need our treats!

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