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Teenage Slang: A Guide

Today we welcome a guest column by Leo Kugel, Albert Einstein High School, Class of 2022:

Given my current status as a young person, Grammy, or as you probably know her, Judy, asked me to give some definitions of modern-day slang. Of course, I happily obliged (only in part to repay my debts from years of eating all the pies during Thanksgiving). Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite terms that the kids are using these days:

Good looks: Basically just saying thank you. “Good looks for the gift, man.” 

Cap: A lie. “Stop capping. You did not get a 100 on your exam.”

Bet: Word of agreement; synonymous with okay. “Bet that man. I’ll see you at 5.” 

OC: Essentially just means that there is a lot of something. “That’s oc food. Are you going to eat all of that?”

Jaunt: Just means a thing. “Pass me that jaunt.” 

Clowning: When someone does something dumb. “You’re clowning bro.”

Grats: Short for congratualations (stet) because no one my age knows how to spell that. 

Now all you 80-somethings can fit right in with the high school crowd. No cap.


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Thank you, Leo and Judy for this great idea. I must admit this is all new for me. I will keep my ears open and get on the band wagon. All the best, Janet


Excellent post - helpful for a 30-something! :)
Thanks, Leo and Judy.

Joanne Kahn

All new to me.....thanks for the update!

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