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Remembering Harvard Square

For more than half a century, I have watched Harvard Square change.  I miss its two movie theaters.  I miss Elsie’s amazing roast beef sandwiches, The Wursthaus’ German specialties, the iconic Out-of-Town Newsstand and more.

Now, thanks to Covid-19, Dickson’s Hardware Store is closing. For over fifty years, it was my go-to place for everything you’d expect in a hardware store and lots of things you wouldn't.  How many shower curtain liners, cans of WD-40, and potholders have I bought there?  How many keys have I copied and how often have I bought hard-to-find light bulbs?

When I heard the news, I asked them why.  Answer—the pandemic.  The elderly owner decided he’d rather just play golf.

I’ve watched their inventory diminish over the last month, but I went in there the other day looking for an eyeglasses repair kit after failing to find one at my local CVS.  Sure enough, they had one. 

At least they can’t take Harvard out of Harvard Square.


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