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In the more than a dozen years that I have been writing this blog, I have periodically reported on the state of my body.  Today’s report, which is way overdue, was prompted by a friend’s comment during one of our regular phone chats. 

She said, “I know that I have visibly aged during this pandemic.  I am avoiding the many mirrors around the house that constantly remind me of this.”

As soon as we finished our call, I headed to our full-length mirror.  Here’s my report.

By and large, I’m doing fine. My weight is stable. My “Cologuard” (a colonoscopy substitute) said that part of my body is OK.  The puffiness under my eyes does seem to be more prominent.  I have fallen a couple of times (luckily without breaking any bones) so I am paying more attention to my feet on my walks. I do have “golfer’s elbow” even though I don’t play golf.

On wardrobe, I give myself a C+.  When I am not in tights or sweatpants, I might dress up to slacks and a nice top. The days of skirts and tall boots are long gone.   

End of report.


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Cute report. It is perhaps good to take stock every few years.

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