Back-to-School,Part II
Lullaby and Good Night

The Pill Counter

When I promised to love Peter in sickness and in health fifty-two years ago, nobody said anything about counting pills.

But about about six months ago we decided that Peter’s dexterity was no longer up to the job of laying out his daily doses of the eighteen different kinds of pills he takes. Some are pretty small.  Some have to be cut in half. Others have to be doubled. Most he takes in the morning.  A few he takes at night and some he takes at both times.  It’s fairly daunting.

But now that I am used to it, I try to have fun.  I challenge myself to pour the right number of pills from each bottle before I put the daily doses in each of their compartments. Often, I do pour one too many or one too few. I’m still trying for a perfect score.

I haven’t quite mastered the art of pill cutting either so I’m afraid that sometimes he gets a little more than half a pill, others a little bit less.

And I used to think my paid job was challenging!


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