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Lullaby and Good Night

The coronavirus was just our latest excuse for putting off buying a new mattress.  There are so many more interesting things to do, like going to doctors or washing masks.

But I was waking up ­with aches and pains and thought a new mattress might help.  That’s why we found ourselves in a COVID-careful store talking to a nice salesperson named Darren about whether we were side-sleepers, stomach-sleepers or back-sleepers.  After that we were measured by a machine of some sort.  I worried that Darren would tell us we couldn’t both sleep on the same mattress anymore.  But that didn’t happen.

Our new mattress was delivered a week ago.   When it was unwrapped and put into place, we discovered that it came with an App that tells us how we have slept and a massage function that actually turns itself off once it thinks that we are asleep.

The next generation of mattresses will probably make breakfast. 


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I always enjoy your posts and admire (& appreciate in this world of too many words) the succinctness and enjoy your humour. I must say that this one had me chuckling out loud. Your punch lines are always great, but this one tickled my funny bone. I am reminded what an asset a sense of humour is as we get older (and older still). Maybe not just an asset but an essential.

Wishing you many good sleeps while waiting for breakfast.

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