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The Joy of Lying

For decades, our alarm woke me up at 6:10 on weekday mornings.  And although we rarely set our alarm now-a-days, I am usually awake by 6:10 anyway. Peter is often out of bed even earlier. 

Recently, I discovered the joy of staying in bed for a while. As I lie there, I think about last night’s dreams or what I want to accomplish on the day ahead. Sometimes, I just watch the room become brighter.  Sometimes I think about what I will share on 80-something.

What I can’t understand is why I waited for seven years after retiring to adopt this great habit.


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I retired just 13 months ago. I do this as well. I never dreamed I would lie in bed once awake. May wonders never cease ;-)


Gosh, this sends shivers down my spine: I stayed in bed and slept (on and off) until 9.30. It’s raining heavily, there is a blustery day outside and why should I get up early when I much prefer to stay until all hours at night?

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