Wendy and Hal

Look Alikes

I have a new friend that people seem to think I look like.  I am flattered because she is beautiful, but I believe it is our height (tall), our weight (slim) and our haircuts (similar) that causes the mix-up.

I’ve lost count of how many times both men and women have stopped me on the street, saying “Hi Ann!” 

But the biggest surprise of all came the other day when I was close to home, fully masked, after a long hot walk.

“Hi Ann,” shouted a woman coming toward me.  “Not Ann,” I replied.  Her response surprised me.  “Well, you sure look like her from the eyes up.”

At a reasonable distance, I removed my mask for five seconds to show her I wasn’t Ann.

And I chuckled the rest of the way home.


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Wow, people say "Hi" to each other where you live? I'm envious.

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