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The Long and Short of It

It’s almost five months since the pandemic turned our lives upside down.  In retrospect, it seems like it’s been forever since life was “normal”.  But the days still go by much too fast. 

Each day I have a plan for what I want to accomplish.  Often, I make an actual list. But I never do everything on it.

So many books I’ve meant to read, and so many closets I’ve meant to clean. So many friends I haven’t called, gourmet meals I haven’t cooked, and podcasts I haven’t listened to. 

What have I done?  Well, I’ve washed my hands a lot.  I’ve waited for a lot of elevators because the policy at our condo is only one party in an elevator.  I walk almost every day if the weather is agreeable and sometimes when it’s not.  I’ve ordered my books for my classes which will resume by Zoom in September.  I do more for Peter as his Parkinson’s Disease progresses.

And I’ve just written my 1,307th blog post!


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Sounds familiar! For the first two weeks, I delved into projects. After that, I thought "Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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