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Precious Days

Although those of us living in our “bonus years” appreciate our “bonus days”, we also anticipate a diminished quality of life as we grow older.

So I propose that we all get a seven-day reprieve at the end of our lives in which we relive some of our most perfect days.

And if that were miraculously to happen, how would we decide which days to relive?  Perhaps the day we fell in love.  Or the day we became a parent.  Or perhaps the day we made a life-changing discovery.  Or won a marathon.

Here’s my list as of today. 

  1. The campfire on Martha’s Vineyard more than a half century ago when I realized I was in love with Peter.
  2. The days our children were born (not the labor, the first holding).
  3. A day of biking in the Dordogne region of France.
  4. The day I held our first grandchild.
  5. My first book talk after publishing 70-Something.

My list could be longer.  It could change every day. 

But it’s fun to think about.


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This is such a great post! Everyone should have to do this gratitude exercise. And maybe after we die, we go backwards in time, bouncing off a variety of experiences until we are waiting to be born.

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