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One of the things that the Covid pandemic changed in my life is how much less time I spend in my closet. The other day I took an inventory. This summer, I have worn less than half of the clothes in my this-season closet. And of the twenty-three pairs of shoes on the closet’s shelves, I have worn none. I know this because my shoes come off just inside the front door where you will always see a pair of walking shoes, two pair of sandals and, if I’m out, the Birkenstocks that I wear around the apartment.

I know exactly the last time I looked like I cared how I looked. It was more than four months ago at our party for Peter’s 90th birthday. I wore all black, a fashionable new top, a great purple and black scarf, tights and knee-high boots.

When was the last time you looked spiffy?


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Does putting on a bra count as spiffy?

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