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Pandemic Cameos

Pandemic Cameos

I have pandemic fatigue.  I am ready 1) to not wear a mask, 2) to hug my friends 3) to see our grandchildren 4) to have a vacation from Zoom and 5) to be entertained by something other than our TV.

But I have to admit that I am enjoying some things, that I might not have noticed in normal times.

  1. I watched in awe as a man rode his circus-style bike down a traffic-free Brattle Street.  The front wheel was huge, and his seat was so high that I wondered how he got up there, and I worried about how he would get down.
  2. After chatting with a friend in the garden behind our building the other day, I decided to add my left-over glass of water to the near-by planter, full of basil, chives and thyme. We had had a long dry spell, and I thought the herbs could use some attention. As I emptied my water glass, I noticed some clippings of grayish “grass” surrounding a nearby chair. I realized that, with all the barber shops and beauty parlors closed, someone had found a place to get a haircut.
  3. A neighbor stopped me and said she thought I looked fabulous.  At first, I thought it was my very tight white pants and sleek black top.  Then I realized that it could have been my masked face that prompted her remark.

I am looking forward to an end of this pandemic fun.

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