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I Do Windows

We live in an imperfect apartment with a perfect view.  Floor- to-ceiling windows that look out over the Charles River stretch across our dining and living area, giving us a view that is constantly changing.  I could watch the sky, the clouds, the river and the boats for hours.

But floor-to-ceiling windows have a downside.  They get very dirty, especially in years such as this one with its bumper crop of pollen.

Finding myself at home more often, (like most people in these pandemic days) I decided that I had the time to wash the windows. With my little stepping stool and what seemed like gallons of Windex, I got the job done in a couple of sessions. 

Is there anything more satisfying than newly-washed floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Charles River?

Yup, newly-washed floor-to-ceiling clean windows overlooking the Charles River with no missed spots.


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