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The Five W's

Journalists are taught that every newspaper article they write has to answer the questions: “Who, What, Where When and Why?   In conversations between Peter and me, one of those “W” words is used more than the others.  Can you guess which one?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we don’t hear each other so well anymore. “What?” is the usual response when one of us speaks. We seem to spend a lot of verbal energy repeating ourselves.

People used to comment about how much Peter sounded like Hawkeye Pierce (aka Alan Alda) in "Mash".  Little by little, Parkinson’s has taken the boom out of both their voices.  As for me, I am a new hearing aids owner who hasn’t quite got the whole system down yet.

Just another ageing challenge. More to come…


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I am happy with my hearing aids, they allow me to enjoy being with people! Hearing sermons, being on Zoom, and much more. I hope your hearing aids bring you the same good results.

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