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Until recently, when something broke at home, Peter was on it.  My role was to hand him whatever tool he needed, so I did learn how to tell a Phillips head screwdriver from a regular one.

But Parkinson’s has diminished Peter’s finger dexterity, so I have ­­-pretty much taken over the role of fixer, although Peter does stand by to advise.

When our living room’s almost-new-floor-to-ceiling-vertical blinds refused to close last week, I climbed up on a chair to take a look, Peter stood by to catch me, if needed.  When I couldn’t see what was causing the problem, I went to another room that had similar shades to see how they worked.  It looked like a little plastic piece might need re-adjusting.  So I climbed back up on the chair and held my breath while I gently pushed this tiny plastic piece back into its place. Success!

Little victories mean a lot when you are quarantined.


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So true! Thanks for reminding us that challenges can be fun.

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