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Status Report

I could devote this blog post to telling you about the six frustrating days I spent trying to get Instacart, to do some grocery shopping for me, only to cancel the order.  But you too probably have your own food-getting challenges.  So let me focus on the good news. 

Although its hours are limited, our favorite ice cream parlor is open for take- out.  And Felix, the shoemaker, will re-open on May 18th (says the sign).

Peter bought me a pair of earphones for Mother’s Day, after having watched me untangle my pitiful white plastic earphones whenever I wanted to listen to something on my laptop.

I ventured into the hardware store and got the last bottle of Sudsy Bubbles bathroom cleaner.

And best of all, there are four quarts of Trader Joe’s coffee bean ice cream in my freezer.


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Audrey Mitchell

with all of those positive things in your life, I consider you a "lucky girl".

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