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My Three Walks

There are three walks that I regularly take.  The longest is always the shortest because I am with a friend and we talk non-stop until suddenly we are back home.

The second longest is my walk-alone-walk that I take when I’m happy to be out.  My third kind of walk is my mini-walk which I take when I should get out, but I’m not in the mood.

On my most recent mini-walk, some of the magnolias had fewer blossoms.  But some were still in their prime.  The tulips that had looked so beautiful a few days earlier were still abundant, but slightly less beautiful.

I take a busier street on the way home.  I noticed a bus with flashing lights and opened doors parked at a corner.  As I got closer, I saw a woman taking a book out of the Free Mini-Library box on that corner.  She was wearing a uniform. 

She got on the bus, turned off the flashing lights and drove her empty bus away--a scene that wouldn’t happen without a pandemic.


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