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It's a Wrap

There wasn't enough left on my giant roll of Kirkland Plastic Wrap to cover the remains of a started cantaloupe on Monday. I knew the roll would be used up someday, but I hadn't been sure that I would outlive it.  You see, I had had to buy two boxes at Costco containing a total of 750 square feet of wrap.  One was long gone.  The one I finished on Monday had moved to Washington, DC with us in 2017 and back to Cambridge in 2018.

Rather than chance going plastic-wrap-less, and feeling too old to outlive another 1500 square feet, I bought a box of name-brand wrap containing only 400 square feet at my local supermarket.  The new roll and I got off to a bad start. When I tried to tear off a piece, it stuck to itself so well that I had to pick at it for a long time.  Then, when I put it on the melon, it didn’t stick at all.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in this story.  Not sure that I learned it.


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