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Our struggle against the coronavirus has many heroes: doctors, nurses, hospital housekeeping staff, bus drivers, police officers and others who are putting their own health at risk.      

One of them is our nephew Jeffrey, a physician who lives in Colorado. Jeffrey came to Queens, N.Y. this month to spend three weeks in the overwhelmed Emergency Department of Jamaica Hospital, where ambulances were bringing in eighty to ninety suspected COVID-19 cases daily.

Jeff has gone to Haiti, Nepal, the Philippines, Houston (after the recent flooding) and more to help organizations like Heart to Heart and the International Medical Corps provide emergency medical services after disasters.

Our son Seth interviewed Jeff for his Amigo Gringo YouTube channel after one of Jeff’s twelve-hour shifts in the emergency room.  You can watch the interview here.


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Audrey Mitchell

Judy, thank you so much for posting this interview. It was very interesting and revealing. It shows the dedication of the medical workers and gives us hope. I now feel that we will overcome this because of them
Thank you Judy...Seth...and especially Dr. Cousin Jeffrey.

jackie rifkin

Dear Judy,

I have been subscribing for many years, and my admiration for you and your family continues to grow. This was a terrific interview, I know Jamaica, I have front line granddaughters, pregnant now, and a daughter who has now recovered. I've also followed Seth on the Frugal Traveler (and miss him.). Just today my ASU Osher newsletter featured an online book club with Seth's book Rediscovering Travel! Everything is connected, wishing you and yours the best.

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