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CARE Package

I just ate a mandarin orange. It was sweet and juicy. It hit the spot. But more important is how I got it.

Neither Peter nor I remembered ordering anything so when we got a “you have a package” notice, he went down to the mailroom to pick it up immediately. The package was from our Maryland family. It was what we used to call a “CARE” package, like those often sent to a homesick child at camp or to members of the military overseas.

Buried amidst the bubble wrap were  a “we miss you” card, a large roll of toilet paper, two mandarin oranges, two dried fruit bars, several packets of eyeglasses wipes, a box of gluten-free chickpea rotinni and a quite good pencil portrait of Joe Biden by our 13-year old grandson Grady.

The highlight of an otherwise ordinary day.


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