Our New World
Gratitude Expressed


In these difficult times, I try to focus on the moment. It’s too hard to think about what next week might bring.

So on my walk the other afternoon I was focusing on the signs of spring—crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, budding trees--when some little kids and their father came toward me on scooters or other wheeled devices. I stepped aside to let them pass and heard the dad call out “Corky!” to one of the children.

Suddenly, it was the late 1940’s when “Corky” was the riding instructor at Camp Wingfoot and riding was my favorite activity. I visualized the path to the stable. I could see the horses’ stalls with their names carved in wood above them. I could remember the horses’ names: Blueberry, Blackie, Ginger, Ghost and more. I learned how to jump on Blackie, and saved the blue ribbon I won with Ginger for decades.

I smiled all the way home.


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Ellen Hoffmann

Corky was my sister’s camp counsellor name. It had something to do with how well she floated.

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