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Where Are the Oatmeal Cookies of Yesteryear?

I loved the gluten-free oatmeal cookies they used to sell at Trader Joe’s.  But they don’t have them anymore.  Sure, they still have gluten-free chocolate chip and gluten-free ginger cookies by the same supplier, but, for me they don’t measure up.

So, when I was planning a visit to friend who is recovering from a hip replacement, I decided to bake oatmeal cookies, enough to give her and a healthy portion to be left at home for me. 

I think the last time I baked oatmeal cookies was when I was in seventh grade home economics  class, and I remember them being very tasty.  This time, I used the recipe from my tattered copy of The Joy of Cooking, 1964 edition.  The recipe instructed me to sift the dry ingredients.  Somehow my sifter, 1960 edition, made it through our move to Washington, DC and back to Cambridge, but I bet nobody under seventy even knows what a sifter is.

I produced a couple of dozen badly shaped, and slightly under-done oatmeal cookies.  They were definitely edible, but they were no match for my memories of my seventh grade home economics class


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