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More than a decade ago, we learned that Peter had Parkinson’s Disease.  Fortunately, he has managed his symptoms quite well, because as of today, there is no cure.  But his voice has become softer as it often does with Parkinson’s patients.  It used to sound like Alan Alda’s—deep and rich.  Now, I find myself responding “What????” whenever he talks to me from more than a few feet away.

But, lately, I am also missing words in theaters or even on TV.

So I had my hearing checked and, sure enough, I have moderate hearing loss.  I’ve read enough to know that if your hearing is deteriorating, the longer you wait to correct it, the harder it is for your brain to adjust.

In a couple of weeks, I will join my many peers whose hearing deteriorated before mine.  People seem to feel that hearing aids send a message of oldness.  I think that’s true.  What’s surprising to me is that I don’t care.

I just don’t want to miss out on anything.


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Gil Stewart

Judy - I can definitely relate. For years I've written my October Years blog, while occasionally admitting that I have become a November guy. (At least I hope it's not December.)

As for my hearing, it went south years ago. Here I am at 83, checking out Costco's 'Severe Hearing Loss' model. It's nothing to do with vanity. I just want to hear the wife's instructions.

As for my writing, my dozen or so books about lonely sixty and seventy year olds coping with late-life......what I call Geriatric Adolescence.......even those seem a bit dated.

Still, we have to keep going. Like you say, "We don't want to miss out on anything." (Though I often do.)

Just reading the titles of your recent posts has me 'bookmarking' your page so I can check in from time to time. Thanks for that.

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