Clean as Clean Can Be

Not So Bad

Peter and I always go to his neurologist appointments together.  At first, I went out of curiosity, but now, I go because I am an important member of a team trying to deal with his Parkinson’s Disease.

The doctor always asks Peter what day it is and where he is.  She asks him to remember three words.  Last week they were nose, knee and computer. Moments later she asked him to repeat them. She asks him to spell “world” and then asks him to spell it backwards.  Sometimes I hold my breath on the backwards, but he gets it right every time.  She asks him to copy something she has drawn.  And more.

I always come out of the appointment feeling happy because she always has a plan to deal with his difficulties.  She is firm and demanding, very positive and a superb neurologist.

As we finished, I asked her how she thought Peter was doing.  She had a twinkle in her eye as she replied, “Not so bad.” 

I’ll take that.


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