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When Is It Time to Stop Buying Furniture?

Here’s a question that wouldn’t have occurred to me in my seventies:  When should you stop buying furniture?  In other words, what should we do about our on-the-way-to-looking shabby living room love seats?  The furniture-cleaning specialists told me they couldn’t guarantee that the fabric wouldn’t ripple (whatever that means) if they were cleaned again.  Could I bear to go fabric shopping and live without them while they were reupholstered for some outlandish dent in our children’s inheritance?  It’s a dilemma. 

Two years ago when we moved out of our home of twenty-three years, we couldn’t take our wonderful king-sized sofa bed that lived in the basement because we had remodeled the kitchen and it could not be brought up the stairs.  Fortunately, the people who bought our house were delighted to have it stay.  However, in haste we replaced it with a sleeping sofa we don’t like.  You can’t curl up on it. It’s stiff and boring. Guests (including our children) have slept on it without complaining, but we know it doesn’t measure up.

That one was easy. An hour in our favorite furniture store and in a few weeks, we’ll be cuddling in front of the TV in comfort again.

Still, I wonder if it isn’t is too late to buy new furniture.


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It is not too late to be comfortable in life. I suspect your children are intelligent enough to want you to be happy rather they have the $1000 or 2 it takes to get yourself something fabulous! (I asked Mom to spend it not give it to me ;-)


But new furniture to go with your new knee. I think the thrill of having furniture you love will be worth it. Your children will agree.


Oh my - good question. I can always see something I really like - but then I must get rid of something I have at home (tired, worn or not). My house is overflowing, there's not room for anything else. I'm not completely satisfied with everything, but some things have such sentimental memories I can't bear to think about getting rid of them. What to do? Sounds like you made a good decision on the sofa. I seriously need to look in that direction too.
Grace & Peace,Iris


I’m asking myself the same question. Yesterday I told my daughter I am wondering when you’re too old to buy new furniture. Her answer was quick and emphatic: never!
Almost Eighty

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