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Whatever Happened to Thank-You Notes?

                                             “Dear Aunt Ruth and Uncle Milton,

                                                                   Thank you very much for the $5 birthday check.  I am depositing it to my savings account for a trip to Europe when I grow up.

                                            Thanks again.

                                           Love, Judy”

So went the template for the thank-you notes I wrote to my mother’s five siblings year after year, once I knew how to write. 

People always used to write thank-you notes.

I thought about that recently because people have been so nice to us since my knee surgery—sending cards, calling, bringing flowers, delivering home-made dinners, offering to pick up food at the market, etc. I am embarrassed to admit that I sent my thanks by email.

Fortunately, our daughter-in-law has taught our grandchildren to write thank you notes.  Sometimes they don’t come for months, but they come. And the other day I got a very nice hand-written thank-you from a cousin for a wedding present.  All may not yet be lost.

Those $5 birthday checks year after year added up.  When I was in college, I managed to go to Europe thanks largely to them. 

Today each of them is worth $53.56.  Not bad.



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Maureen Helen

I've recently decided to write more thank you notes, mostly because I love to receive them, Judy. I Don even remember when I got out of the habit if so many year, but wish I hadn't.

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