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Twenty Years Without Gluten

I have not eaten anything containing gluten for twenty years.  My long un-explainable stomach symptoms finally got explained in January, 2000.  I have celiac sprue, an autoimmune disease where gluten destroys the villi in the small intestine.  It took me a while to process what my gastroenterologist was explaining.  No wheat, rye, barley.  Ever.  Nor any of the millions of foods containing them.  

I know that things have improved for people like me since then. More restaurants understand  gluten-free. More organizations realize that there is a market for good gluten-free products. Back then, it wasn’t easy to adjust to the cardboard product that was gluten-free bread.  Or to give up pretzels and bagels, French bread, most desserts.

Five months after my diagnosis our entire family took a dream trip to Africa.  By then I had adjusted to my condition, but since I knew nothing about African cuisine, I carried a giant size jar of Skippy peanut butter and gluten-free crackers in my suitcase.

There is still no magic pill or cure for this genetic mishap.  I still look at dessert menus--you never know when a flour-less chocolate cake will make the cut.


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13 years for me! Have you discovered gluten free pies from The Maine Pie Company? Love them...blueberry pie stuffed with wild blueberries...yum...available at Whole Foods....

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