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Everyone who has a joint replaced has his or her own expectations of recovery.  Since this is my second new knee (the other was replaced twelve years ago), I knew the post-operative physical therapy would be challenging, but I had forgotten how much it actually hurts.  A lot.

Before I went to the hospital, I put a bunch of meals into the freezer and filled my cabinets with enough food for an army.  I gathered a half-dozen books that have been on my to-read list and did a quick re-read of How to Prepare for Surgery, a book that I bought for my first knee operation.  My preparations would make the recovery easy.  Or so I thought.

In reality, I was barely able to get through the paper for the first few days.  Even though I did not have full anesthesia, I was a bit confused after the surgery.  I forgot some key words, like Tylenol. I know we streamed a film after I got home, but I can’t remember the ending.

But now, I feel terrific.  I am not reading much yet because forty-five minutes of exercising three times a day takes a good chunk of time.

Sure, my knee still hurts, but I’m thrilled that my surgery is over. In a few weeks, I would expect to go dancing, that is if I had a husband who danced.

P.S. Thanks to all for cheering me on.



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Janet Gottlieb

So many variations between people.
My husband was forgetting his cane from the very first day, but other friends (including one who used the same facility and surgeon) has taken months to get back.


Happy to hear you’ve made it through those first few weeks. My husband is getting a new knee next week, a year after the first. I think he’s forgotten how much the first hurt but he’s very positive and I’ll be providing support. Congratulations on your successful recovery. Oh, my husband doesn’t dance either. ;-)

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