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Eighty-Four Years of Bouillon

I have been a satisfied customer of Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge for years.  Both of our boys were born there.  I had an emergency appendectomy there.  I had my first knee replacement there. I had breast cancer surgery and radiation there. Now I live a five-minute walk away from the hospital and am a steady customer of its gift shop.

It wasn’t until last year that I learned about the hospital’s Thursday Morning Talks, now in their 84th year.  Started by a Harvard classics professor and his wife and held in their elegant Brattle Street home, the talks were (and still are) preceded by bouillon served in china cups.  They are now held in the Holy Trinity Armenian Church on Brattle Street every Thursday in January and February.

The speakers, often from Harvard, MIT or the world of politics, are excellent. They speak for forty-five minutes, once the teacups are collected, and answer questions for fifteen minutes. The auditorium holds about 300 people.  Lots of gray hair, more women than men, definitely a highlight for the senior population it attracts.

The speakers donate their time and all the proceeds go to the hospital.

Personally, I think the bouillon is too salty. 


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