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When Terrorism Comes to Our Backyard

I took a class this fall in which we studied terrorism, focusing on Ireland, South Africa and New York.  We learned that terrorism is complex, and that we can expect to see more of it in the future.

At our last class, we heard from the Chief of Police of Watertown, MA and one of his deputies who played key roles in the apprehension of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev one of the Boston Marathon bombers.  They vividly described the search for and capture of Tsarnaev who was discovered hiding beneath a boat tarp in a Watertown back yard.  They recounted the confusion caused by social media and the influx of police from nearby towns who were trying to help. 

Much of what happened was captured in the 2016 movie, “Patriot’s Day,” but hearing about it from the people who lived it was quite different.  There have been three Boston Marathons without incident since that day and our memories of the bombing are fading. But they will remain strong in the minds of the Chief and his deputy.

Not long after he spoke with us, the chief was due to appear in court to testify in Tsarnaev’s appeal of his death sentence.


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