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Only the Jeans are Blue

It’s been thirteen years since my husband Peter learned he had Parkinson’s Disease.  Because Parkinson’s presents itself in many different ways, we didn’t know then how it would proceed.  We did know that there was no cure.

Until the winter of 2018, our life stayed close to normal although we had to give up some things.  But that February, Peter tripped on a piece of irregular sidewalk and broke his femur. Although he made a good recovery, he became slightly more tentative in moving around.

After that, his condition remained quite stable until just two weeks ago when his mobility took a sudden drop.  Until he’s had some tests and his neurologist has figured out whether this drop is fixable or just a “new normal,” we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Throughout this illness’ long run, Peter has not complained. 

Last week when his order of two new pairs of badly-needed blue jeans arrived, Peter was so pleased with them that he asked me to keep a record of the style number so he could order the same style when these wore out.

He will wear these jeans until they look like what the kids buy new now—full of holes.  So, if he is planning to buy jeans that far in the future, I figure that his optimism remains intact.




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Marg Colley

My husband had Parkinson’s, too. I had to laugh at your jeans story, because one of the last pairs I ordered for Bruce had a button fly! Needless to say, they went right back—buttons are not Parkie’s strong suits!!! Have you heard of Rock Steady Boxing? It is a wonderful exercise regimen for Parkinson's people. Besides the camaraderie, the circuit of exercises is most helpful. Good luck with your battle—it is a terrible disease, but most of the Parkies I have met are very upbeat, and it sounds like your husband is, too.


I'm so sorry Peter's mobility has changed. I don't have any diagnosed problem except some heart issues and my mobility isn't what it used to be. Praying his will improve again and stabilize.

I hear him about the jeans too. I just finally found a pair online that I fit reasonably well and I'm willing to wear - so ordered a 2nd pair - and they're blue. I've worn enough faded and torn jeans in my lifetime, I'm surely not paying for any.
Grace & Peace,Iris

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