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When we moved out of our Massachusetts house and into a Washington, DC apartment, we had to give my mother’s beautiful English Bone China to a charity because nobody in our family wanted it.  (Seth did take a plate or two for their sentimental value.)  

Our children and grandchildren don’t want any of our “stuff”.  Maybe they’ll take the three candlesticks holders (brought from Russia) turned into a lamp that my aunt says belonged to my grandmother.  It is one of my favorite possessions.  Tastes change.

When Seth was coming to help out while I was having my knee replaced, I stocked up on frozen mixed berries and yogurt for his breakfast smoothie.   I was not surprised when he looked at my 1968 Waring blender and remarked that I must be the last person on the planet who still had that model.

On that first morning, after he used it to make his smoothie, he admitted that it did a pretty good job.  The second morning, he was muttering under his breath about how great it was.  As he left after his visit, he asked me to give him the Waring blender in my will.

Oldies can be goodies.


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Oldies can be goodies, that is a cute observation about your 1968 blender. You are right, often the next generation does not want our stuff, especially our furniture. I work on decluttering partly inspired by that fact.

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