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Block Party

We never missed the September Block Party in our old Cambridge neighborhood.  It was fun to catch up with busy neighbors and to see how much their kids had grown over the summer.  Footballs, bicycles and scooters were everywhere.  There were chairs for the older folks and a wading pool for the little kids.  It never rained and the wine never ran out.

On Sunday, Peter and I had gone to a late afternoon event and when it ended, we decided to visit this Fall’s Block Party in the old ’hood as neighbors emeritus.    

I was mixed about going because we had had such a wonderful twenty-three years there, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to see a strange family living in “our” home.  I thought it might make me sad to see how things had changed.

I shouldn’t have worried.  What fun to see the changes over the last two years!  People were happy to see us—some didn’t know that we had returned to Cambridge.  Little Christian who lives across the street from “our” house is now eight.  As cute as ever, he jumped off his bike to hug us.  The new owners of “our” house greeted us warmly, in spite of the fact that the basement began to leak badly shortly after we left.

Now we live about a mile away. We’ve moved, but the neighborhood hasn’t.  And we will be back again next year.


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